Đề bài:

Describe a movie you watched that made you feel depressed

You should say:

What it was

When you watched it

Who you watched it with Why you didn’t like it

And explain why you felt disappointed

Bài mẫu:

I’d like to talk about a movie that left me with a profound sense of melancholy – “Lighter and Princess”. This film is based on a novel I had read earlier, and its compelling storyline and emotional depth truly made an impact on me.

The movie centers around two characters, both of whom are talented coders, and their journey towards love and a happily-ever-after ending. The story starts with a unique prequel, exploring the backgrounds of the main characters. The male lead’s life takes a tragic turn when he is unjustly sent to prison for seeking revenge against the person responsible for his sister’s murder. This deeply distressing event sets the tone for the rest of the narrative.

However, what truly lent a sense of melancholy to the movie was the poignant depiction of the girlfriend’s battle with depression. Witnessing her struggles, as well as the emotional toll it took on her was both touching and deeply saddening. The film painted a realistic picture of the challenges and complexities that individuals facing depression often experience. 

What added to the emotional weight of the movie was the anticipation I felt while waiting for the sequel. The month-long gap between watching the film and the release of its follow-up allowed the melancholic feelings to linger, intensifying the impact of the story.


  1. left me with a profound sense of melancholy: it made me feel deeply sad
  2. center around: focus on
  3. prequel: a story that comes before another story
  4. takes a tragic turn: becomes very sad or unfortunate
  5. unjustly: in an unfair or undeserved manner
  6. seek revenge against: try to get back at someone for harm done
  7. distressing event: upsetting and troubling incident
  8. set the tone for: create the mood or atmosphere of
  9. narrative: story of events
  10. poignant depiction: a deeply moving and touching portrayal
  11. emotional toll: the impact on one’s feelings or emotions
  12. touching and deeply saddening: evokes strong and sad emotions
  13. emotional weight: the heaviness of emotional impact
  14. month-long gap: a period of one month
  15. melancholic feelings: feelings of sadness and sorrow
  16. intensifying the impact: making the effect stronger

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