Câu hỏi:

1. Did you have a bike when you were young?

2.Did you ride a bike when you were little?

3.Did you ride a bike to school?

4.Do you ride a bike when you go out now?

Bài mẫu:

1. Did you have a bike when you were young?
a. Yes:

➜  a pink one ➜ a gift from my late grandfather ➜four wheels for added stability

➜…………………. knew how much I loved the color pink, so ………… specifically chose a bike in that color for me

➜ …………………was the one who taught me how to ride it 

➜ I have fond memories of …………. patiently guiding me through the process

➜…………….would hold the back of the bike and help me maintain my balance until I felt comfortable enough to pedal on my own

b. No:

➜grew up in a protective family where certain activities, like riding a bike, were considered too risky

➜ not have the opportunity to experience the the thrill and the sense of freedom that comes with riding a bike during my childhood

fortunate to have a friend who had a bike and generously offered me rides ➜ whenever we had the chance, my friend would let me hop on the back of their bike, and we would go on fun rides together.

2.Did you ride a bike when you were little?

a. Yes:

➜ Almost every …………….., when the sun wasn’t as strong and the weather was cooler, I would ride my bike in my neighborhood ➜ a regular activity for me ➜ thoroughly enjoyed it➜sometimes, I would even join my friends and we would have races, which added an extra level of excitement and fun to our bike rides.

b. No

➜Not very very often ➜ my experiences with riding a bike were quite limited➜ remember trying it a few times, but unfortunately, I had a couple of accidents where I fell off the bike. These incidents left me feeling a bit apprehensive and hesitant about riding again.

3.Did you ride a bike to school ?

a. Yes

➜ used to ride a bike to school ➜ my house was conveniently located close to the school, which made biking a practical and efficient mode of transportation for me. 

fortunate to have a close friend who lived nearby ➜ we developed a routine of riding together ➜ Every morning, my friend would eagerly wait outside my house, and we would embark on our journey to school as a duo

➜ biking to school provided an opportunity to appreciate the surroundings ➜ would witness the daily hustle and bustle of the community waking up


➜ The distance between my house and the school was quite far  ➜  making it impractical for me to bike to school regularly. 

➜ I had a strong aversion to sweating, and the thought of arriving at school all sweaty and tired drained my energy even before the day began.

4.Do you ride a bike when you go out now?
a. No:

have outgrown the habit of riding a bike as a means of transportationhave transitioned to using a scooter ➜one of the main reasons for this change is the weather ➜ in Vietnam ➜ the temperatures can get extremely hot ➜especially during certain times of the yearbiking under scorching temperatures can be physically demanding and uncomfortable ➜ the intense heat ➜  make it challenging to enjoy the ride and can result in excessive sweating and fatigue

b. No

➜the incessant traffic and the presence of heavy vehicles on the roads ➜ biking in such conditions can be quite dangerous ➜the roads are crowded, and the constant flow of vehicles makes it challenging to navigate and ensure one’s safety while riding a bike


  • maintain my balance: duy trì thăng bằng
  • the constant flow of vehicles: dòng xe cộ liên tục
  • outgrown the habit of: không còn thói quen đó nữa
  • as a duo: as a pair
  • apprehensive: e sợ

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