1.Are you good at memorising things?

Absolutely, I’m pretty good at memorizing things. I tend to rely on visual cues, noticing details that others might overlook. This comes in handy when I need to recall information for various purposes.

2. Have you ever forgotten something important?

No way! I never forget important stuff. I’ve got this whole mental organization thing going on – a way of sorting everything out in my mind. Some friends doubt it, but that’s just how my brain does its thing, making sure I don’t miss out on anything crucial.

3. What do you need to remember in your daily life?

In my daily life, I don’t consciously try to remember specific things; it all just flows naturally for me. Whether it’s tasks, appointments, or details, my mind tends to grasp and retain information effortlessly. It’s like a built-in system that keeps everything in check without much conscious effort on my part.

4. How do you remember important things?

i rely on a more natural approach to remember important things. While many people use apps or conventional methods, I don’t. There’s an inherent knack in me to remember crucial details without external aids. It’s more of an intuitive process, and surprisingly, it works well for me.

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