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The chart below shows the percentage of government spending on roads and transport in four countries from 1990 to 2005.

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Bee sẽ viết bào report cho bar chart bên trên theo bố cục gồm:
+ Introduction: Paraphrase đề bài

+ Overview: Nhìn chung chính phủ ở 4 nước spend money cho road and transport đều giảm theo các năm, với USA là ít thay đổi nhất. Portugal và Italy spend nhiều nhất cho hạng mục này, trong khi đó chính phủ ở UK thì spend ít nhất.

+ Body 1: Nhóm các nước chi nhiều cho road and transport với nhau: Italy and Portugal

+ Body 2: Nhóm các nước chi ít cho hạng mục này: UK and USA

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The bar chart shows how much governments of four examined nations expended on transportation infrastructure and road networks between 1990 and 2005.

Overall, while the national funding that Italy, Portugal, and the UK diverted towards transport and roadways declined, the figures for the U.S. remained relatively stable. Despite a dramatic decline, Portugal maintained its position as the largest investor over the shown period, whereas the reverse was true for the UK.

Looking first at Portugal and Italy which had substantial investments in road and transport projects, the former’s allocation for this category was the highest at the beginning of the period, accounting for 27%, exceeding Italy’s expenditure (20%). Over the next five years, the amount of money spent by the Portuguese government underwent a significant drop to 20%, reaching parity with Italy’s initial figure. This is followed by a steady fall just over 15% for the rest of the period, and a similar pattern, aibeit to a lesser extent, was observed in the Italian financial resources, with figures dropping to a low of 14% in 2000 and later increasing marginally to end the period.

Turning to the remaining nations with significantly lower funding, there was a decline in the U.S’s expenditure on road systems and transport hovered around 14% throughout the period, with the exception of the year 2000 when the figure peaked slightly at neatly 15%, negligibly higher than the percentages recorded in the remaining years. In the UK, the proportion of the national budget used for road and transport schemes saw a fluctuating pattern, rising from the initial lowest point to around 14% five years later, matching the 1990 figure recorded in the U.S. However, it subsequently dropped by more than half to approximately 5% for the next five years, before rising minimally to finish the period.

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