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The graph below shows the price of bananas in 4 different countries from 1996 to 2004

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bee sẽ miêu tả sự thay đổi của line graph bằng một câu mở bài (Introduction), 2 câu tổng quan (Overview) và 2 đoạn thân bài chi tiết (Body Paragraphs)

Introduction: bee sẽ rephrase (viết lại) đề bài bằng language của mình.

Overview: bee nhận xét các trends chính + điểm cao nhất và thấp nhất

Body 1: bee sẽ mô tả trends cho giá bananas ở Japan và ở USA

Body 2: bee sẽ mô tả trends ở những nước còn lại.

Bài mẫu

The line graph compares the the price variation of bananas in four different nations between 1996 and 2004.

Overall, although there were variations in the prices of bananas in all 4 countries, this type of fruit was consistently sold at significantly lower prices in the U.S than in the other countries. In addition, while the figures for the USA and Germany generally witnessed a rising trend, France and Japan remained virtually stable over the examined period of 1996 to 2004.

In the first two years, the cost of bananas in Japan increased sharply from 2$ per kg to a high of $3, but it later dropped back to the initial figure in 1999, fluctuated continually between $2 and $2.5 until 2002, before dipping by $1 in 2003 and recovering to reach its starting figure eventually. The USA’s banana price begat the period at $1.0, subsequently remained relatively stable with minor fluctuations, and ended at just above $1.5.

The price in France showed a somewhat similar trend to that of Japan, which started and finished the period at $2, but consistently remained below $2 during the mid period. Bananas were sold at $1.5 in 1996, followed by a soar to a peak of slighly over $2.5 in 1998, a plummet to a low of $1.25 in 1999, a progressive rise to $2 over the next three years and a final decline to finish at $1.75.


  • price variation: the change or fluctuation in price
  • generally witnessed a rising trend: generally experienced an upward direction.
  • the initial figure: the starting number
  • a high of: maximum point
  • remained relatively stable: stayed mostly unchanged or consistent
  • minor fluctuations: small changes
  • a low of: a minimum or bottom point
  • a progressive rise: a continuous and gradual increase

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